2017 Toyota Prius

2017 Toyota Prius

Despite there being plenty of hybrids in the market these days, the Toyota Prius remains the poster boy for the eco-friendly auto genre. Toyota isn't resting on its laurels with the Prius though, as just one year after a major overhaul the focus is being turned from the hybrid powertrain to active safety features in an attempt to make the more advanced systems affordable for the masses. So, let's take a closer look at the 2017 Toyota Prius.


Depending on your individual taste and point of view, the way the 2017 Prius looks can pretty much be make or break. While some people will inevitably find it too "out there" and polarizing, at least as many other people will take the exact opposite view and consider the exterior styling of the Prius to be a real pull-factor. Toyota should be applauded for delivering something different, and the sharp angles and futuristic design are definitely refreshingly contemporary. There are plenty of dull, homogenous cars out there with hybrid powertrains if that's what you want, but the Prius could almost be considered a piece of modern art.

Fuel economy

Once again, there are lots of hybrids currently delivering good fuel economy numbers, but the Prius is the Prius so it has to do better, and it does. For most rivals, numbers in the mid-forties are par for the course, but the Prius sets the bar considerably higher than that. According to the EPA, most versions of the Toyota now get 50 mpg in the city, 50 mpg on the highway and 52 mpg combined.* But if even that's not enough, there's also the Prius Two Eco model with weight-saving and other efficiency measures delivering as much as 58 mpg in the city, 53 mpg on the highway and 56 mpg combined.


Toyota has always been big on safety, and 2017 sees its active safety features become standard on the Prius at all levels. The suite of features is called the Safety Sense-P, and includes the likes of forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking, active lane control, automatic high beams, and adaptive cruise control. With current Prius models starting from less than $26,000, adding such advanced and upscale safety kit as standard is something of a game-changer for mass-market cars. Of course, the Prius gets a full five-star safety rating from the NHTSA and the IIHS has awarded the Prius its coveted Top Safety Pick+ rating.

Interior comfort and quality

The interior of the 2017 Toyota Prius is considerably less Space Age than the exterior, although in-line with the advanced hybrid powertrain the dash does look a little different from a regular sedan. The current Prius is definitely the nicest it's ever been inside, with front and rear seats that are more supportive and more comfortable than ever. There are more soft touch materials now, the black plastic even has an attractive grain effect, and the ride is smooth and very quiet. You can obviously pay more and get a luxury hybrid that's more opulent than the Prius, but this is an exceptionally comfortable cabin at the price point.

The 2017 Toyota Prius is available right now from Toyota of Downtown LA, so don’t hesitate to get in touch for more details and to arrange a test drive in the latest version of this iconic model.

*All vehicle mileage based on 2017 EPA mileage estimates. Use for comparison purposes only. Do not compare to models before 2008. Your actual mileage will vary, depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle.