How Do I Take Care of My Tires?

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Vehicle service is vital to keep your Camry or Corolla running properly for a long time, and aside from what’s under the hood, your tires are an asset to your vehicle’s performance. Los Angeles drivers understand that taking care of your tires is essential, but some don’t realize what’s necessary to keep your tires working properly for your vehicle for years to come. If you want to save money on tire care, read more on what our service department at Toyota of Downtown LA has to say.

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Inspect Them Regularly

The only way you’re truly going to know if your tires need attention is by checking up on them regularly. Make it a point to inspect your tires every time you get an oil change, and look for signs of damage as well as signs of general wear and tear. This will help you notice any issues before they become either impossible to fix, or expensive to treat. In addition to inspecting your own tires, be sure to have a professional look at your tires at least once every year. Luckily, Toyota of Downtown LA has a dedicated Tire Center to inspect them for you.

Check the Pressure

Your tires’ air pressure is also essential regarding how they handle Mission Hills roads, so be sure you’re always checking that they have enough air. Your vehicle’s manual will let you know the optimal air pressure for your specific model, so use that as a reference. If your vehicle has a built-in tire pressure monitor, pay attention to any alerts you may have regarding low pressure, and then fill your tires up right away.

Monitor Your Loads

Your tires handle the weight of your vehicle and then some. If you constantly ignore the load capacity weights for your vehicle, you’ll find you’re damaging your tires often. Never exceed the load capacity for your vehicle, or you’ll risk blowing out your tires.

Monitor Your Speed

If you’re a speed racer in the Los Angeles smog, you’ll find your tires are damaged more easily and more often than those who drive at a regular pace. That’s because driving fast works your tires at a faster pace, leaves you open for damage to road hazards, and even creates heat build-up that damages your tires. Instead, give yourself enough time to get where you need to go.

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Even if you drive a big, powerful vehicle like the Toyota 4Runner, regular service is essential. Let your vehicle experience the right type of service at Toyota of Downtown LA near Cerritos. We have an impressive service center dedicated to helping you ensure your tires are working properly with the right parts, and we often feature tires in our rotating parts specials. Of course, we’re always offering specials on other parts like Toyota batteries and timing belts. Schedule a service appointment today.

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