How Many Miles Do Tires Last?

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New car tires generally can be expected to last up to around 50,000 miles as a rule of thumb, with normal use. That having been said, tires don’t have a set lifespan or time limit at which they need to be replaced. Tires are a wearable vehicle item like brakes, batteries, and windshield wiper blades, and as such, they wear out at different speeds. Want to see if your tires need replacing now in Los Angeles? Schedule service online with Toyota of Downtown LA.

What Affects a Tire’s Estimated Life Expectancy? 

When asking “how many miles do tires last” vs. “how many miles should tires last” you will see that the variance between answers can be stark. That’s because tires come in many different shapes and sizes, with different types of tread compounds. What’s more, tires are the one thing that actually makes contact with the road on a vehicle, and a lot of friction is involved. Friction only increases if you’re doing things like high-speed racing, drifting, and burnouts. 

For the average driver, here are factors that will affect any given tire’s estimated useful life on the roads of Mission Hills and Cerritos:

  • Treadwear rating: Different tires have varying treadwear ratings or the rating for how fast it’s estimated the tire tread will last. 
  • Driving habits: If you corner aggressively, accelerate quickly, and brake roughly, your tire treads will very likely last a lot less long than someone who practices defensive driving practices.
  • Drivetrain:  Cars with different drivetrains (think AWD vs. FWD) have different tire wear patterns and intervals. Namely, tires on AWD or 4WD cars wear out faster. 
  • Road conditions: Rough road conditions in West Hollywood can very significantly affect how long tires last.
  • Type of tire: All-season tires generally have harder rubber compounds, and thus, wear out less quickly than either summer tires or winter tires. 
  • Terrain: Flat, smooth surfaces with less friction result in a longer tire life. The inverse can be said about rough roads or off-road terrain.

Tire Care Tips For Long-Lasting Tires

Looking for information about proactive steps you can take to increase the useful life of your tires? To increase the answer to the question “How many miles do tires last?” in your unique circumstances, complete the following tasks:

  • Closely inspect tire tread depth often for tire tread wear anomalies or unevenness. 
  • Rotate your tires for more even distribution of tire tread wear.
  • Inspect your tires to ensure they have proper air pressurewhen you fill your gas tank up; most stations have tire air pumps. 
  • Take your vehicle in for regularly scheduled maintenance and service.

Toyota of Downtown LA Has Your Tire Needs Covered!

Whether you’re looking for a reliable auto service center to go to for a tire plug or patch, or you’re genuinely concerned about the safety of your tires and want to see if they require replacing immediately, we here at Toyota of Downtown LA can help you! Ready to learn more? Schedule service now by calling 833-315-3922, or discover all of our service tips.

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