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One of one the most important features in your Toyota sedan, SUV, truck, or van is your Toyota Tire Pressure Light, or what is also known as your vehicle’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System. To get the best performance out of your Toyota, your tires need to be properly inflated to avoid any issues or malfunctions on Los Angeles roads. With advanced sensors and indicators to keep you notified about your tire pressure, it’s easy to take care of this basic auto maintenance task and get to where you need to be. Learn more about how your Toyota Tire Pressure Light works, how to reset it, and more, then schedule your next service appointment at Toyota of Downtown LA.


Toyota Tire Pressure Monitoring System Features

Your Tire Pressure Monitoring System uses small sensors to track how much air pressure is in your tires and will automatically alert you if the pressure levels drop below your manual’s suggested tire pressure. Since each Toyota has different capabilities, you should always refer to your owner’s manual to make sure your tires get the right amount of air. Your Toyota Highlander or Toyota Camry Tire Pressure Light can appear on your dashboard as a flat tire with an exclamation point in the middle, or the letters “TPMS” will simply light up. You should immediately notice a change in your vehicle’s performance if your tires are losing pressure, as there are significant differences between properly inflated tires and those in need of more air. These include:

Underinflated Tires

  • Poor traction
  • Decreased load carrying capability
  • A flat tire or blowout
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Susceptible to damage from potholes, curbs, cracks, and debris

Properly Inflated Tires

  • Reduce tread movement thereby increasing the life of the tire
  • Decrease wear and tear on your tires
  • Optimize fuel economy
  • Reduce rolling resistance which will increase vehicle efficiency
  • Increase water dispersion which decreases the likelihood of hydroplaning

When it comes to finding accessible and efficient ways to improve your vehicle’s tire pressure, you may want to keep some spare change in your vehicle, as many gas stations have tire filling areas separate from the pump station for a small fee, or in some cases it might be free. Another option is to bring it in to our Toyota service center where we’ll inspect your tire pressure, provide a proper tire rotation, and much more to keep you moving. If you’re in a rush and in need of a bit more air for your tires, you can surely even use a bike pump to get the job done.

Resetting Your Toyota Tire Pressure Light

Once you properly inflate your tires, your Toyota Corolla or Toyota RAV4 Tire Pressure Light should automatically shut off, but if it remains on, here are few more things you can do to reset your Tire Pressure Monitoring System:

  • Drive at or above 50 mph to reset the sensor for 10 minutes. This can cause your sensor to reset the next time you turn on the car.
  • With the vehicle off, turn the key to the “On” position, but don’t start the car. Hold the TPMS reset button until the tire pressure light blinks three times, then release it. Start the car and wait 20 minutes for the sensor to refresh. The tire pressure monitor reset button is usually located beneath the steering wheel. If you can’t find it, check the user’s manual.
  • Inflate all tires to 3 PSI over their recommended amount, then deflate them completely. Be sure to include the spare tire, as it may have a sensor as well. Once they’re all deflated, reinflate to the recommended tire pressure.
  • With the vehicle off, disconnect the positive battery cable with a wrench. Turn the car on and honk the horn for about three seconds. This will discharge any power still stored in the vehicle. Then reconnect the battery.

Maintain Your Toyota Tire Pressure at Toyota of Downtown LA

Now that you have a better understanding of your Tire Pressure Monitoring System, you’ll have all the information you need to take better care of your vehicle and easily get around Los Angeles. Count on our service team at Toyota of Downtown LA to help you with your Toyota Tire Pressure Light or any other maintenance needed to get you back on the road. Check out our OEM parts and accessories to enhance your Toyota performance, and save on your next visit with our rotating service specials and discounts. Contact us today for more information on your Toyota Tire Pressure Light and to schedule an appointment at our Toyota dealership right here in downtown Los Angeles!

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